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You can cleanse, moisturise and put on masks but if you don’t have a regular exfoliation routine, you’re not doing your skin right.  If you have oily skin exfoliate twice a week, if you have normal skin exfoliate once a week and if you have dry and sensitive skin exfoliate every 10-15 days. The idea is to remove dead skin caused by the lack of water intake, restore the skin’s natural mineral levels and balance the skin’s oil production.

First of all, you need to clean your face! Whether it’s from the dirt you’ve collected during the day or just to wake yourself up in the morning; you don’t want to miss your facial cleanser in the morning. You can use our two-in-one exfoliating cleanser Daily clean scrub for £25.65

dermalogica skin scrub

After cleaning your skin, you can make yourself your purifying mask. 

Homemade purifying mask


  • 3 spoons Green clay  
  • 1 pinch of Spirulina in powder 
  • 10 drops of hazelnut oil
  • 2 drops of essential drops of grapefruit and lime 
  • 5 ml of thyme water 

Mix these ingredients until a fairly compact texture is obtained. Then applicate immediate the mixture does not conserve and avoid the eye contour. Let 10 minutes of exposure, rinse with lukewarm water

homemade mask


Moisturising aims to form a barrier film on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss. This makes the skin feel softer and smoother. Your moisturiser is an essential in Ramadan to save your skin from dehydration.

When wearing your purifying mask, you can moisturise your lips with a shea butter roll-on. 

After rinsing your mask with lukewarm water you can take care of your dark circles with two cotton pads soaked of cornflower water. Then let 10 minutes of exposure. You can also use moisturising reviving-eye roll-on.

Finally, use a luminescing boost and a nourishing cream for the whole face. Our Super rich repair (£62.85) 

If you have a sensitive skin our Barrier repair will help you fortify sensitised skin and a damaged barrier with this velvety.

 dermalogica super rich repair


While being out & about wear your sunscreen (with UVA and B protection SPF 30) regularly you can also invest in some good oversized shades with UV 400 protection to take extra care of the delicate skin around the eyes.
Sticking with the healthy vittles’ and skincare routine will help you get a vigorous glow and a big bonus: an acne free face.

You can also use our Ultra-sensitive tint SPF30 for £ 33.65

dermalogica Ultra-sensitive tint SPF30

Just to remind you we have a Dermalogica®-licensed “Skin Architect” for you to speak to & the most technological advanced Visia® system to assess your skin this June! Just for you! RSVP on Facebook, Let us know you’re interested!

RSVP on Facebook

This event will take place at Skin Architect, inside Listers Health (Lister Mill, Heaton Road, Bradford, BD9 4SH) on Tuesday 6th of June 2017, between 1.00 pm and 8.00pm.

The event costs £10 (Save £40!) for your Skin Analysis & Comprehensive Report, but this is redeemable against products or services bought or booked on the day of the event. 

Places are limited. To book your place or for further details, please call us on 0787 082 1001.

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