Cryopen is the leading cryosurgical treatment that is the most safest and highly effective method of freezing and removing benign skin lesions such as solar lentigines (sunspots, liverspots etc), seborrheic keratosis, and warts/verrucas. It uses highly pressured liquid nitrous oxide to destroy the tissue quickly and with little residual stinging.


At Skin Architect, we carry this treatment using CryoPen. This advanced procedure does not require an anesthetic and is a convenient choice for clients due to minimal aftercare.

What is Cryosurgery / Cryotherapy?

The process of cryosurgery is the destruction of cells by using extreme coldness produced by nitrous oxide. Cryo-necrosis starts in the tissue when the temperature in the cells reaches minus 127 degrees. As soon as this temperature is reached under high pressure and with millimeter precision, it bursts the membrane and restarts the natural dying process of the affected area.

Benefits of CryoPen Technology

Thanks to the advanced technology used during this treatment, there are many advantages. This includes the following:

  • Pinpoint accuracy (treats just the lesion and not healthy surrounding tissue)
  • Safe and proven treatment
  • Treats lesions from 1mm to 10mm in size
  • Safe for use on face and close to eyes 
  • Minimal discomfort

Initial Consultation

BOOK NOW! For further details and/or free consultation, please call us on 01274 982 121 or pop round to Skin Architect, inside Listers Health.


Prices start from £45. Consultation is required. 


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