Skin Peels

CooL Peel Technology

Skin peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, from acne and hyperpigmentation to advanced signs of ageing. Despite their varying uses, most peels work the same way: they remove the skin’s outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, improving skin’s texture and appearance.

Professional Peels vs. At-Home Peels

Peels designed to be applied by licensed professional skin therapists – like Pro Power Peel – tend to be more concentrated, at a very low pH, and customisable to deliver more dramatic results. These formulas are usually not available to clients for self-application.


Peels designed to be used by clients at home tend to be lighter in nature. They are ideal for quick, easy removal of dulling surface cells, as well as building the skin’s tolerance for stronger professional peels and maintaining results in between professional treatments.


When it comes to chemical peels, we’ve always had a unique perspective. Promoting overall skin health is one of Dermalogica’s core values. We also believe that regular resurfacing is crucial to accelerate cell turnover and renewal rates – so we opt for peels that are more frequent and less invasive rather than those that push the skin to the point of severe inflammation and possible scarring.


Additionally, we’re constantly looking for ways to give you the flexibility to create completely customised treatments for a range of skin conditions. With this in mind, the skin health experts at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica are excited to introduce the all-new and fully customisable Pro Power Peel.


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