Mesoastetic MELANOSTOP TRAN3X Peel

Depigmenting peeling with a complex formula that accelerates epidermis renewal for removal of the melanin built up on the surface. It provides a visible improvement in tone and luminosity.


Consultation & Patch Test required prior to treatment.

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Depigmenting action
Hyperpigmentations and photoaging

Azelaic acid: Enhances the inhibition of melanogenesis, acting on hyperactive melanocytes and regulating their overproduction. Progressively reduces the colour of hyperpigmentations and reduces their size // Resorcinol: A phenol derivative with keratolytic and regenerating properties. Treats hyperpigmentations and has a whitening effect // Phytic acid: Powerful copper and iron chelating agent that enhances the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme and provides a depigmenting action // Tranexamic acid: Inhibits the inflammatory and vascular component of hyperpigmentations.


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