Super Moisturiser +

Your skin’s needs change according to environmental influences that it is exposed to, such as changes of season and the weather. It is also affected by changes in your natural life-cycle. This creamy, soothing moisturiser contains ingredients that rehydrate dry skin leaving it looking healthy and beautiful.

– It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and smooth.

– It restores the natural moisture balance of your skin and helps to prevent a tight, dried-out feeling.

– Gives your skin a luxurious, silky after-feel.

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How To Use

Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products.

Apply your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser.

Follow with Super Moisturiser+ and apply to your face, neck and décolleté.

It may also be applied over your regular Environ day cream for even more effective hydration results.


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